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Cleaning out the Code Basement

01 Jan 2014

I decided to start out the new year by cleaning out the code basement, that large directory of code that I may never use again. Keeping it private isn't doing me any good, so I might as well release the source code. Some of this might be usefull to someone, some of it is totally useless.

Perl Petition

Perl Petition A perl CGI for a petition signing page. I hope no one is using this. Don't.

Easy Image Editor

Easy Image Editor is an iOS component for drawing on an image. This is from Avalanche Lab.

Point Sighter

Point Sighter is an iOS component for sighting a point using the camera and compass. From Avalanche Lab

Say What

Say What! is an iOS always-on sound recording app.

Records into a background buffer and provides instant replay and "start recording 5 minutes ago" functionality.

I developed this app in 2 days in summer 2012. It was on the app store first as "Say What", then as "CopWatch". It is currently not on the app store. Lots of things in this code are not good, it was a quick proof of concept.

I have removed all api keys, most third party libraries, and third party graphics, so the app will not build now. But it wouldn't take much to get it building.